Paranthropus robustus

Reconstruction ©


Name:                                Paranthropus robustus

Other names:                 Australopithecus robustus

Age:                                    1.8 – 1.2 mya

Height:                             Males – 1.2 m (3′ 9″);  Females – 1 m (3′ 3″)

Weight:                            Males – 54 kg (119lb);   Females – 0 kg (88 lb)

Brain Size:                       Around 530 cc


                • Large cheeks
                • Dish shaped face
                • Large teeth

Diet:                                    Ate meat, plants, insects and fruit.

Culture:                            Lived in woodland and on the open Savannah.

Tool Culture:                  –

Date Discovered:           1938

Area Discovered:          Kromdraai, South Africa

Who Discovered:          Robert Broom, anthropologist.


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