Homo sapien

Homo sapien ©Wiki Commons

Homo sapien
©Wiki Commons

Name:                                Homo sapien

Other names:                 Wise Man; Cro-Magnum Man

Age:                                    160, 000 years ago

Height:                              1.60 – 1.70 m tall

Weight:                            Varies

Brain Size:                      Average 1350 cc

Description:                   Short body, long limbs, high brain case, small face, protruding                                                    nose

Diet:                                    Wild plants, meat – the first to domesticate plants and settle                                                       down.

Culture:                            Tool makers, artists,music,clothed themselves and practiced                                                       personal adornment, controlled fire and lived in groups.

Tool Culture:                  Sophisticated tools including flakes, scrapers and points.

Date Discovered:           1967

Area Discovered:           Omo River, Ethiopia

Who Discovered:           Richard leaky.



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